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Vote Your Super

Vote Your Super is a super fund member engagement campaign. We’re calling on all Australians who have superannuation to make themselves heard at the annual meetings of Australia’s largest companies.

We want you, as a super fund member, to use your voice to pressure your superannuation scheme. Super funds control $ trillions of investments on the stock and bond markets. They have the right to vote FOR or AGAINST shareholder resolutions.

This webpage is not a solicitation of proxies, and no proxies will be accepted by ACCR. The purpose and effect of the checkboxes on this page is to indicate a beneficiary’s preferences and recommendation as to how his or her super fund should vote when it exercises its fiduciary duty to vote its shares.



If you hold shares in a listed company you have an opportunity to use your power as a shareholder to ask companies to improve on issues you care about. If you also directly hold shares in either of the companies above you can also sign up to support our resolution as a supportive shareholder. Find out more here.


ACCR Research relating to the Vote Your Super Platform

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  • Responsible Investment and Voting Transparency
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