Last year ACCR, NUW and LUCRF filed a resolution to Woolworths. This resolution was withdrawn on the 22nd November 2017 following commitments made by Woolworths to:

  1. work collaboratively towards the implementation of an agreed pre-qualification programme for labour-hire providers to ensure that all labour providers who wish to operate in Woolworths’ direct fresh food supply chains comply with labour and human rights standards;
  2. Support workers in Woolworths’ supply chains:
  • to be educated about their workplace rights, including their right to join a labour union of their choice;
  • to have access to an effective grievance mechanism to ensure that human rights violations are reported, investigated and remediated; and
  • to be protected if they report human rights violations.

We understand that no mechanism of implementing this Commitment (such as an MoU) has yet been reached. This is of concern to shareholders, as the operational and business risks to our company continue to persist. As such we have lodged a second resolution to be heard at the company’s upcoming AGM.


The resolution was accepted by the company on 25/09/18. You can read the ASX Announcement here.

Thank you to each of our supportive shareholders for getting this resolution over the line.


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