We have been engaging with Qantas for over a year regarding their involvement in the forced deportation and transfer of asylum seekers between sites of detention. We are currently considering filing the following resolution at Qantas’ 2019 AGM:

  1. the Board commit to engaging a heightened due diligence process in relation to any involuntary transportation activity in which it is involved as a service provider to the Australian Department of Home Affairs (the Department);

  2. the Board commission a comprehensive review of our company’s policies and processes relating to involuntary transportation (Human Rights Review), with a specific focus on risk and responsibility according with our company’s commitment to aligning its business with the the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights;

  3. the Board prepare (at reasonable cost and omitting confidential information) a report describing the completed Human Rights Review, to be made available to shareholders on the company website prior to any further involvement in removal or involuntary transportation activity as a service provider to the Department.


If you hold shares in Qantas and would like to support this potential resolution, please sign up here.


Previous engagement

In 2018, ACCR and the Refugee Advice and Casework Service (RACS) co-filed a shareholder resolution on this same issue, calling on Qantas to stop deportations and removals to danger.