Privacy Policy


The Australasian Centre for Corporate Responsibility is committed to respecting the privacy of our users.


Collection of your personal information

Majority of the aspects of our website can be viewed without providing any personal information however in some cases we require a name and email address in order to provide further services to our reader.


Use of your personal information

We collect the following non-personally identifiable information for each visitor to our website (including but not limited to): browser type, version and language, operating system, pages viewed while browsing the Site, page access times and referring website address. This information is used solely by ACCR to gauge visitor traffic, and trends.

In addition, our shareholder signup pages collect information for the purposes of lodging resolutions and our vote you super pages collect information for the purposes of letting fund members inform their super funds how they would like their fund to vote on resolutions.

We do not share any information collected as a consequence of someone visiting our webpages. However, if you sign up on our Shareholder signup page the information we collect may be provided: as the Corporations Act requires, with the company secretary of a target company; and, to save overload, other organisations we know are lodging resolutions similar to those lodged by ACCR with similar target companies. Likewise if you instruct us to send an email to your fund about how it proposes to vote on forthcoming resolutions the identifying information you provide us will be sent in that email to your fund.


Sharing of your personal information

We do not share any of your information with any other third party.


Changes to this Privacy Policy

ACCR reserves the right to make amendments to this Privacy Policy at any time. If you have objections to the Privacy Policy, you should not access or use our website.


Accessing Your Personal Information

As a visitor to our site you have a right to access your personal information, subject to exceptions allowed by law. If you would like to do so, please contact us..


If you have any questions or wish to discuss our Privacy Policy further, please contact us