Current Resolutions

If you own shares in a company then you can have a say in what that company does.

We want Australian companies to improve their behaviour when it comes to important issues such as climate change, political lobbying, human rights and equality. With your help we will put these issues, and others like them, on the agenda at the Annual General Meetings (AGM) of some of Australia’s biggest companies

If you hold shares in any company and are interested in supporting current and future resolutions, please sign up to our shareholder database.

Below is more information about current resolutions we may file later in the year as well as previous resolutions we have filed.


Upcoming Potential Resolutions

  • AGL 2019
  • Qantas 2019
  • Coles and Woolworths 2019
  • Aged Care Companies


2019 Resolutions

  • Woodside and Santos 2019
  • Westpac 2019
  • Rio Tinto 2019


2018 Resolutions

  • Woolworths 2018
  • Origin 2018
  • Qantas 2018
  • Rio 2018


Older Resolutions

  • BHP 2017
  • NAB 2016