Current Resolutions


The team at ACCR are getting ready to lodge resolutions at the upcoming Annual General Meetings of Origin Energy Qantas and Tassal. As you may know from supporting us in the past, we need 100 shareholders supporting each resolution we put forward. We need your help to get us over the line.

Find out more about each of these resolutions below:

  • Tassal
  • Origin
  • Qantas


How You Can Help

If you hold shares in Origin Energy, Qantas or Tassal and would like to join us by becoming one of 100 shareholders to support our resolution, please sign up to the ACCR Resolutions database


What to do if you are already signed up to the ACCR resolutions website

If you hold shares in either Origin Energy, Qantas or Tassal and have already signed up to our resolutions website, you don’t need to do anything at all. 

If you have acquired shares in any of these companies since last signing up or are unsure of what shares we have you registered as holding, you can log into your account and update your holdings. 


Why do you need my support to do this?

Under Australian law, a shareholder resolution can only be lodged if it is supported by 100 or more shareholders with voting rights. This makes your support crucial to us. If you are interested in supporting upcoming resolutions please sign up to our shareholder database.


How do I sign up?


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