Reports & Publications

Reports & Publications

Submission: Unlawful underpayment of Employees’ Remuneration Inquiry

Published March  2020

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Submission: OECD Review of Country-by-Country Reporting

Published March 2020

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Vote Like You Mean It Preliminary Report

Published February  2020

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Submission: The regulation of lobbying access and influence in NSW (‘Operation Eclipse’)

Published June 2019

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Workforce Disclosures Across The ASX 100

Published June 2019

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Vote Like You Mean It: A study of the proxy voting records of Australia’s largest super funds in 2018

Published May 2019

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Briefing Note: Managing Imported Asbestos in Australian Supply Chains

Published April 2019

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Measuring “decent work”: workforce indicators and their relevance for investors

Published May 2019

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Industry Associations, ASX Companies, Shareholder Interests and Lobbying

Published March 2019

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Social risk and decent work in the health care sector

Published March 2019

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Responsible investment policies and related voting transparency of selected Australian asset owners and fund managers

Published September 2018

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Report on social equity – related proxy voting in the US

Published June 2018

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Human rights and Australian listed companies

Published September 2018

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Corporate political expenditure in Australia

Published June 2016

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Shareholder resolutions on ESG issues at listed public companies: comparative practice in Australia, the US & the UK

Published November 2015

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‘Unburnable carbon’ risk and the Australasian-listed gentailers

Published August 2015

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A Guide to Shareholder Advocacy in Australia

Published April 2015

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Financed emissions, ‘unburnable carbon’ risk and the major Australian banks

Published October 2014

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Shareholder resolutions at listed public companies in major English-speaking countries: comparative arrangements

Published March 2014

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